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vFlex Suite
Integration solutions

vFlex Suite is comprehensive solution designed to integrate our software with the proper hardware and to be delivered to any location. We offer you easy and suitable way to deliver high quality integration for changing business needs.
  • Overview
Sample vFlexSuite scenarios:

• Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
• Business to Business Integration (B2Bi)
• Virtualization integration
• Centrally manage all integrations
• Monitor and track data flows
• Better Error-Handling with workflow
• Process-centric, SOA-based approach
• Web-Based Interfaces
vFleXtor® support and maintenance plans:

• Basic – Email with up to 1 business day response via our help desk
• Silver – Mon-Fri, 9-5, up to 4 hours response time via our help desk
• Gold – 24/7/365 via our help desk
• Platinum – Gold level + assigned account support person