vFleXtor integrated
vFleXtor integrated

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Virtual, Flexible, Execution and Storage environment
Proven latest technology with care for the future

The growth in virtualization in most of the cases will present a significant challenge to the government and enterprise, when trying to integrate virtualized and non-virtualized applications, as well as when integrating virtualized applications built on different hypervisor technologies and versions.
vFleXtor integrated makes this challenge uniquely easy.

vFleXtor integrated is fully integrated solution to any environment and location. Our professional team will perform precise computing resource allocation to the Storage subsystem to ensure maximum utilization and efficiency. After that we will provide customized solution which will be integrated and configured depending on your needs.

  • Overview
• Unique, flexible and yet easy to maintain storage and computing (two-in-one) platforms
• Custom, end-to-end solution

Complete Virtual Flexible Execution and Storage environment solution including:
• vFleXtor® tailored implementation
• Hardware specifications flexibility
• Software options*
• vFleXtor® capacity planning and sizing
• vFleXtor® on-site integration and configuration
• Resource efficiency and utilization analysis
• Hardware upgrade path
vFleXtor® support and maintenance plans:

• Basic – Email with up to 1 business day response via our help desk
• Silver – Mon-Fri, 9-5, up to 4 hours response time via our help desk
• Gold – 24/7/365 via our help desk
• Platinum – Gold level + assigned account support person