vFleXtor® 1006.3
vFleXtor® 1006.3
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Virtual, Flexible, Execution and Storage environment
Proven latest technology with care for the future

vFleXtor® 1006.3 delivers a self-sufficient, highly available, redundant and fault tolerant computing environment which maximizes the storage and computing of a 6U form factor by offering rackmountable solution including 32 hot-swap 3.5" drive bays for shared storage (2x16 mirrored)
vFleXtor® is a 2 node integrated hardware/software and services appliance, which leverages processing power and robust storage, in a dense datacenter layout.
While vFleXtor® computing resources are seamlessly integrated within any existing VMWare ESX4.0 environment the vFleXtor®’s vSphere console still can manage the existing VMWare ESX3.5 nodes.
We offer precise computing resource allocation to the Storage subsystem to ensure maximum utilization and efficiency.

  • Overview
Unique, flexible and yet easy to maintain storage and computing (two-in-one) platforms

Complete Virtual Flexible Execution and Storage environment solution including:
• vFleXtor® tailored implementation
• Hardware specifications flexibility
• Software options
• vFleXtor® capacity planning and sizing
• vFleXtor® on-site integration and configuration
• Resource efficiency and utilization analysis
• Hardware upgrade path
vFleXtor® support and maintenance plans:

• Basic: Email with up to 1 business day response
• Silver: Mon-Fri, 9-5, up to 4 hours response time
• Gold: 24/7/365
• Platinum: Gold level + assigned account support person